What is a Developmental Specialist

Developmental specialists work with children and their parents/caregivers in assessing a child's developmental needs, deficiencies, and goals. Specialists are highly knowledgeable in typical and atypical development, can recognize the symptoms of a developmental issue, and can offer parents and caretakers advice on how to best work with the child to aid in natural child development and overcome any problems that may arise.

Our Mission

To help inform parents of typical and atypical child development so as to deepen their parent-child bond and aid in their child’s developmental and educational progress

Our Goals

Parental education
To create a stronger parent-child bond
To aid in typical developmental/educational progression
To identify and address developmental needs/deficiencies

"It takes a village to raise a child"

Here at FEED we take a “wholestic” approach to child development. We believe that all areas of child development (language, physical, social, emotional, and cognitive) are woven together and interact with one another to help progress development. We also believe that each child and family is unique; children develop within the context of their family, community, and culture. It is these two ideas that drive our distinctive style of consultation.